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Posted: March 9, 2014  Ends: March 18, 2014
The Saskatoon Stock Car Association lost a long time supporter on Tuesday March 4th. Mrs Rita Kusch, the original land owner of the old Bridge City Speedway property passed away of a massive heart attack at the age of 92.

She, her husband Bill and son Jim assisted the SSCRA in finding a new home after the stock car club had to give up the previous 8th Street location. The old site, Bridge City Speedway was built with the aid of a 10 year payment structure devised by Bill.  They were avid fans and even after Bill's death and having us leave their beloved racing site, she revived her interest as being one of the very first to offer up a $1000 bond to assist with the building of a facility, our new home Auto Clearing Motor Speedway. She along with many others eventually donated this bond back to the Association.

Even up to her 90th birthday, Mrs Kusch loved to be paraded on the track every June as she was always appreciative of the special attention she received by her second family, the race fans of ACMS. She wore her NAPA racing jacket proudly although likely had no idea who it was representative of but simply made her feel part of the
racing fraternity.

On behalf of the SSCRA we extend our sincere condolences to Jim and his family.

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