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Claimer Class

Posted: August 10, 2011

We're going to be trying out a new class in 2011 -- Claimers!

Shawn Hill is heading the charge on the claimer class development. More information will be posted on this page as it becomes available.

1. Front wheel drive cars only, 6 cylinders only. NO all wheel drives

2. 2 post hoop minimum-door bar recommended

3. $600 claim rule, includes membership, must be raced at next scheduled race meet

4. NO modifications allowed

5. Car must remain stock!

6. Refused claims will result in car/owner/driver banishment

7. Modified cars will be fined $200. Car/driver/owner not allowed to compete until fine is paid and car passes inspection.

8. Window net MANDATORY!

9. Battery hold down

10. 1 inch wheel nuts on right front tire

11. Removal of all glass, plastics and white metal

12. Disarm air bag

13. Padded steering wheel

14. Minimum of fire retardant coveralls

15. 5 point safety harness


17. Club retains the right to claim any car at any time

18. No Whining!

 Any Questions, please contact Shawn Hill

or Gary Ejack @343-6231(anytime) or email -

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