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Posted: May 22, 2013

A big Thank You to Don Pogoda and the Star Phoenix for the great article! Be sure to check for more articles about ACMS and the 2013 season in the Star Phoenix. Below are Don Pogoda's articles... Check back every second week for his latest article or get subscribe to the Star Phoenix!


Opening day provided many winners, opinions

By Don Pogoda, The StarPhoenix May 25, 2013


It's late April and Auto Clearing Motor Speedway is underwater.

Planting trout made better sense than racing cars. Perseverance, hard work and good looking Mother Nature saw us through.

All Saturday afternoon, a good opening-day crowd was treated to some incredible paint trading, bumper rubbing, door-to-door racing.

The Kel - Kor Racing Team driven by Aaron Anderson lowered the Pro Truck track record. This team, new to trucks, has three championships in three different divisions. The classy quiet way in which they compete impresses me most.

Anderson had a strong feature race, but could not catch the eventual winner Mike "Fuzzy" Schroeder.

Schroeder played cat and mouse all race long with Kenny Ross in his Grace Beyers/ReMax Silverado. Anderson and the 93 of Neil Schneider followed ever so close behind, trying to step on their tails. Stellar driving and top-shelf racing throughout this strong division.

Ministocks were equally entertaining. The black BMW of Beck/ Ransom ran solid all day despite some brake issues. I would think it is easier to baptize a cat than to get a tall, overweight BMW to turn left.

In the feature race, the Lightning McQueen knock-off of No. 95 Clay Wagner went toenail to toenail, but could not squeeze by winner Dennis Beck. The Redekopp brothers Jared and Dawson each had a breakout night.

Their cars, painted like world war aircraft fighters, buzzed around all night long. They dog-fought their way to their best race day ever. The entire field was a blast to watch.

In Streetstock, the ageless Dick Clark of stock car racing, Harold Edwards, picked up the feature win. It was only the second checker of his lengthy career.

Harold started racing during the Industrial Revolution. The crafty veteran wove cleanly through traffic and held off a hungry pack for the win.

Mike Rea's No. 19 dominated the Thunder-stocks. What a Mother's Day for Leslie Rea. She was there to see son Mike break the thunder-track record, win every race he was in and her 50/50 win was icing on the racing cake.

Race day controversy had a few people buzzing like fireflies in heat. Before Christmas, concerned members met to discuss the future of the Thunder Division.

I recall competing in a Thunderstock feature race back in 1992, which had 31 other competitors. My car, like most at that time, were 15-year-old vehicles. Most Thunders now in competition are 35 years old.

At that December meeting, rules were relaxed. Select trucks and fuel-injected cars were made eligible.

Crown Victorias, as in police interceptors, are fairly common and fast - as in a $350 ticket and six points off your license fast. After that meeting, interest and commitment pointed toward a future worth pursuing.

Only five Thunders made the race in week one. Those five Thunders raced their feature with the Streetstocks. That rankled a few people. It's been said that opinions are like butt cheeks, everyone has them ... so here is mine: We race for the fans! Fans love action!

Even if the five Thunders were driven all by Earnhardts, the novelty would wear off in a few laps. Single-file, strung-out racing holds little entertainment value.

The club and concerned members have some decisions to make. Points of view are simply that ... a view from one point. After all views are voiced, the determining factor must be the entertainment value we give back to our fans.

This afternoon, races continue. Super Lates make their debut. Pro Trucks continue their hot pace and Ministocks buzz the track. Racing at 2 p.m.

Tickets are available at the gate; discounted tickets at any Saskatoon, Prince Albert or Melfort Mac's location. Tickets purchased are for the whole seat ... but you'll only need the edge.


Auto Clearing Motor Speedway, a fast paradise

By Don Pogoda, The StarPhoenix May 10, 2013

I open my first column ever with a line from Don Pogoda's favourite musician " ... And brother won't you take me down to Mulenburg Country down by the Green River where paradise lay." Change Mulenburg to Martensville. There is no river, but paradise does indeed exist.

Drive north on 12 to Martensville. After the road splits to Warman look to the right. Dug deep, tucked in a bowl on the flat prairie, paradise lies. Unknown to many; an uncovered jewel to some, a secret fishin' hole to others. I'm here to share my kind of paradise.

Auto Clearing Motor Speedway is a 1/3 mile paved oval race track. We call it the "Fastest Fun Around." The corners are progressively banked. Not many tracks anywhere have that. Simply put, it's FAST. Our Super Lates reach straightaway speeds of well over 100 mph.

They seat 3,500 people, with room for way more on the berms.

There is not a bad seat in the house. I know, huge cliche. I tested that statement myself one race night. The only event I had better seats for was the birth of my three kids.

This year over 100 cars will be registered in seven divisions. Special events such as the Dakota Dunes Casino Super Late Model Series, NCATS, Martensville 100, Astro Towing Pro Truck 100. Folks, they have it all. They'll even throw in an Air Show!

Volkswagen Rabbits to Camaros, Mustangs to Monte Carlos. Fiberglass, steel, plastic and duct tape, (lots of duct tape).

There is something for everyone. You'll look down upon the thrills and spills of cheering on your favourite driver. Like any good fishing hole you must catch something right? Caution: You just might latch on to a very nasty and contagious racing bug. Many fans and sponsors have been infected. They have the sickness and cannot keep from coming back.

It's great if you know a driver or two. That will add to the excitement. If you don't, give it some time. You soon will have your own heroes and villains. With names like Hammerhead, The Patriot, Captain Awesome, Roadrunner, Hood Pins, Mad Cat and the Show, how can you not love it?

It's the personalities behind the wheel and the storylines surrounding the number that will bring you back. Drivers from all over North America have graced our facility - from Alabama to Outlook, from Washington to Watrous. The lights, speed, crashes, emotions, anger, heartbreaks and triumph, underdogs, juicy track burgers and crackling decibels. It's all there - the best fishing hole around. But for all of Auto Clearing Motor Speedway's accomplishments, perhaps the top of the list is this: It's designed, fundraised, built and maintained primarily by volunteers. Absolutely unheard of in the world of auto racing. Even NASCAR officials from Daytona were stunned when they were here to check out the facility.

With the unselfish sponsors, generous members past and present, unbelievable volunteers and incredibly loyal fans, our track is flourishing. Dare I say it is the best-run stock car show in Canada.

So an invitation is given. Come check out our secret spot where paradise lay. Let them lavish some hospitality on you. They are focused on family fun. The first race is Saturday at 2 p.m. Tickets are available at the gate or at any Mac's Store location in Saskatoon, Melfort and Prince Albert.

Check out the website,, and if you have never been to the track and can tell me who wrote the lines to the opening column I have a FREE family pass for you! You can answer the question above by liking Auto Clearing Motor Speedway on Facebook and commenting on the wall post specific to the question.

Don Pogoda is a longtime local stock-car racer, and current infield announcer, who will keep us updated on the action at Auto Clearing Motor Speedway this year.


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