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RACEceivers to be used at ACMS!

Posted: January 10, 2013


To improve the flow and communication at Auto Clearing Motor Speedway, the use of a RACEceiver is now a must. Auto Clearing Motor Speedway will not be selling any RACEceivers or accessories. In the past the club has spent money to maintain and replace damaged loaned out RACEceivers. The decision has been made to no longer sell them, replace them or maintain them at Auto Clearing Motor Speedway. As a driver, one must come prepared with their own working RACEceiver, headphones and extra batteries to every race. Please be aware that there will be no spares at Auto Clearing Motor Speedway, therefore if the driver does not come prepared with a working RACEceiver they will not be aloud to race, as RACEceivers are a piece of mandatory equipment.


RACEceivers can be purchased at Auto Clearing All Make & Performance Parts. Please contact Mike, (306) 665-1131, to ensure one is set aside for you! 

Auto Clearing All Make & Performance Parts is located at 331 Circle Drive West in Saskatoon, SK.


Be sure to like Auto Clearing All Make & Performance Parts on Facebook!

Check out their website for all products to improve your 2013 racing season!


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