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2013 Registration

Posted: January 10, 2013

The 2013 registration has been changed.

For all classes with 1-9 race events, a partial season, the registration fee is $400. For classes with 10 or more race events registration is $500. If registered on or before March 1st, 2013, registration is $50 less. For every registered car you will receive 2 flex packs valued at $280 and 10% off additional flex packs purchased.

1 to 9 race events = $400

10 or more race events = $500

Register before March 1st and get $50 off!



New Driver Incentive!

The new driver incentive is now available to drivers in all divisions. The incentive allows a NEW driver to register for $250. If registered by March 1st they will receive an additional $50 early registration discount. A NEW driver who registers by March 1st will pay only $200 registration. The NEW driver also receives 2 Flex Packs valued at $280 plus a 10% discount on any additional Flex Packs purchased. The first payment on the five year pit levy is deferred for one year.

What classifies you as a NEW DRIVER you ask?

A "New Driver" is someone who is registering a NEW team to any division and HAS NEVER BEFORE REGISTERED A CAR!

A "New Driver" is one who would qualify for "Rookie Status" at Auto Clearing Motor Speedway. Rookie Status being a driver who has not raced more then 3 race events or 9 races at ACMS.

A "New Driver" must race 100% of the races for the new team. Alternate drivers must also qualify!

***This incentive is a one-time deal per driver. YOU MUST APPLY FOR THIS INCENTIVE. The application is then subject to approval from the executive committee***




If you have any questions please contact the Business Development Office (306) 956-3225.


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