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Adult & Junior Orientation!

Posted: May 22, 2013


Have you ever wondered...

"Wow! I wish I could race."

"They must be crazy to be on that track!"

"What is it like to go that fast!"

"How can I get into this!"


Well all of those thoughts and questions are about to be answered!!

You can get out onto the track! No we are not crazy to be on the track! It is the best feeling in the world to go that fast! And the best and easiest way to get into racing is by the Adult and Junior Orientations!


A group of passionate, junior and veteran drivers get together throughout the year and teach Adults and Youth everything they need to know about racing... Safety on the speedway, racing, driving skills, flags, speeds and knowledge of the facility. But! Best of all... All who come out to these dates are put in the car to show us what they got!


For Juniors all you need is to purchase a Junior Membership which for the first year is free!

For Adults, it is only $20 for 20 laps!


Junior Racing Orientation and Training Days

September 8 - 1:00pm


Adult Orientation Days

September 15 - 1:00pm


If you have any questions about the above events please feel free to contact Scott Barrand at or Todd Jalbert at

For adult orientation please contact Scott at to reserve your slot time. They are almost gone for the last day so book now!

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