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The Saskatoon Stock Car Racing Association's newsletter highligting the events held at Auto Clearing Motor Speedway.
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Track Talk

Auto Clearing Motor Speedway
Post Race Media Report

Saturday, September 29th was a beautiful sunny and warm afternoon, and for the full crowd at Auto Clearing Motor Speedway there was no better way to spend the afternoon but by watching the highly anticipated Ellenn Plastics Annual Enduro.

The race format was a little different than a regular race. It consisted of three 100 lap segments. In each segment, drivers would race to complete as many laps as possible…and when the first driver completed the 100 laps the segment was over. Drivers were given 1 point for each lap completed and the overall race winner was determined by the total number of points at the end of the three segments. Twenty-one drivers and teams registered for the event with a winner’s purse of $2,000 and the total prize winnings of $7,500.

Mickey Pogoda #49 took an early lead in the first segment of the race. She led the first 40 laps mayhem, weaving the car in and out of the obstacles that were placed on the track prior to the start of the race. The obstacles included stacked tires and large barrels full of water. It didn’t take long for the tires go rolling around the track. #34 Mike Schroeder then took over the lead and didn’t look back. He finished the first segment in first place completing 100 laps, followed by #1 Scott Barrand with 100 laps, #79 Ryan Andrews with 99 laps, #47 Calvin Heilman with 96 laps and #49 Mickey Pogoda with 94 laps.

The obstacles were reset on the track and the second segment proved to be just as fun as the first, lots of bumps and spins to gain positions. Some water barrels were placed on the front straightaway and the drivers were told that there was a nice red $50 bill for the person who hit the barrels and got the flagmen wet. It didn’t take long for the drivers to go for the cash…on the first lap the barrels were targets but, the flagmen stayed dry. A few fans in the seats though found out that they were in the ‘soak zone’. Also during this segment, fans in corner #4 were encouraged to get involved by throwing water balloons at the cars as they passed by. #34 Mike Schroder remained strong during this segment and crossed the finish line first with 100 laps. He was followed by #49 driven by Ben Pogoda and #1 Scott Barrand both with 98 laps, and #22 Mike Rea with 96 laps.

Obstacles were reset and organizers of the race had a surprise for the drivers. The start of the final segment was going to be a little different. Drivers were lined up in corner 4, four wide and facing backwards. The rule…the entire first lap was to be driven backwards. With helmets and Hans devices on the drivers limiting the movement of their heads…this lap required the use of their mirrors. Needless to say the first lap was exciting…#49 Ben Pogoda excelled at this skill…he manoeuvred his car around the track no problem…even missing all the obstacles. He then performed a fabulous “Rockford Files” spin on the front straight to delight the fans. #1 Scott Barrand was the second to complete the reverse lap. With 22 laps complete in the third segment…the blue flag was thrown. The meaning of the blue flag for this race….bump to pass. If you wanted to get by someone for the rest of the race…you needed to say hello before making the pass. Cars were being spun everywhere! Then with about 45 laps to go, organizers turned on the large water hose at the top of the track on corner 1. Water poured down the track and pooled at the bottom to make it interesting for the drivers. #34 Mike Schroder stayed strong and looked like he was going to win the race but with about 28 laps to go, his hood popped up blocking his vision. He completed 6 laps with his hood up and when a caution came out, he was able to pit and get the hood secured down again. #49 Ben Pogoda crossed the finish line first completing 100 laps and #34 Mike Schroder was not far behind – also with 100 laps. #43 Cam McCracken came across in third with 94 laps, #51 Jamie Tataryn with 93 laps and #78 Gary O’Bryan with 87 laps.

The laps/points were calculated and the finishing order finalized…#34 Mike Schroder got the win completing all 300 laps. The full race results are below.

Ellenn Plastics CJWW Annual Ultimate Enduro
Place, Car #, Team Name, Laps Completed, Prize $

1. #34 Mike Schroeder, 300, $2,000.00
2. #49 Mickey Pogoda, 292, $1,500.00
3. #43 Cam McCracken, 274, $1,000.00
4. #1 Scott Barrand, 270, $700.00
5. #24 Gary Ejack, 259, $600.00
6. #28 Brennen Forseille, $500.00
7. #22 Mike Rea, $400.00
8. #55 Kirk Senger, $300.00
9. #51 Jamie Tataryn, $200.00
10. #42 Greg Hesterman, $100.00
11. #78 Gary O Bryan
12. #76 Logan Derksen
13. #47 Calvin Heilman
14. #92 Brennan Kirton
15. #02 Matt Hrycuik
16. #3 Cliff Yelland
17. #30 Chad Brinkman
18. #5 Darrell Fehr
19. #79 Ryan Andrews
20. #77 John Brown
21. #08 Dave Cruise, $100.00 (first out of race)

With the end of the 2012 racing season upon us…we want to thank you, our media partners, for your fabulous support this season!

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