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Track Talk

Saturday August 18th was a beautiful evening and the fans enjoyed some great racing action at Auto Clearing Motor Speedway. The Cooper Tire Thunder Stocks raced the Rick Fredrickson Memorial, the Parts Source Mini Stocks were the second local class and the JB Water and Vacuum Service Super Truck Racing Bobcat of Saskatoon Series made their third appearance in 2012.

To start the event off the Super Truck Racing Series qualified and #20 Neil Fitzgerald would take top honors with a time of 15.207.

After qualifying they headed back out on the track to start the night. In the first heat race #08 Conner Mills captured the checkered flag holding off #00 Kevin McLean and #44 Dean Braham came in third. Heat two saw #44 Dean “the caveman” Braham get the win, #20 Neil Fitzgerald finished second and #33 Jamie McClennon brought it home in third.

The JB Water and Vacuum Service Super Truck Bobcat of Saskatoon Series “Doosan 100” Feature Race was the main event of the evening. When the green flag dropped the field of trucks thundered to life and put on an awesome show of speed and power. The #99 of Doug Fischer held the pack at bay for most of the race but there was plenty of racing action throughout the field. The caution came out once when the #08 of Conner Mills and the #07 of Dean Cunningham made contact in turns one and two. When the racing resumed the #99 continued his dominant performance but with 30 laps to go it became apparent that the #20 had been saving his stuff to make a charge at the end. With three laps left #20 Neil “Fittzy” Fitzgerald was able to pull off the pass and take the top spot #99 Doug was able to get on his bumper through the final turn but had to settle for second. The #33 Jamie “Booger” McClennon ended up third, #44 Dean Braham took fourth and #00 Kevin McLean rounded out the top five. The burn out of the night honors would have to go to #33 Jamie McClennon with an absolutely tire shredding performance that brought the crowd to their feet.

Not to be out gunned the Parts Source Mini Stock Division brought their A game. The action has been fierce all year in this class with plenty of three and four wide racing and tonight was no exception. The first heat race saw #7 Darnell Schick charge from the back of the pack to get the win, #10 Kevin Dyck was in hot pursuit finishing second #02 David Wilson had a great run finishing third. The qualifier was caution free, the #95 Clay Wagner took the lead five laps in and held on for the win. The race for second was a door to door affair that saw #10 Kevin Dyck sneak across the line a fender ahead of the #92 Brennan Kirton.

The Parts Source Mini Stock feature race was 50 more laps of action. In the first 25 laps the caution flew three times for multiple car contact resulting in one car spinning. In the second half of the race the red flag came out when the rear suspension broke on the #98 Kaylee Smith, sending her into the grass and then back on to the track. One racer that was disappointed with the four interruptions was #7 Darnell Schick as he passed #14 Zachary Jalbert on three separate occasions for second but didn't manage to complete the lap before the caution came out, sending him back to third. When the race was complete #10 Kevin Dyck had another dominating performance winning his sixth 50th anniversary flag. #14 Zachary Jalbert managed to hold onto second place, his best feature finish to date. Darnell Schick in the #7 settled for third, #92 Brennan had another great run bringing it home in fourth and #41 Jamie Tataryn was the fastest Neon finishing in fifth place.

The Cooper Tire Thunder Stocks once again held their Rick Fredrickson Memorial event. The car count may have been lower than expected but the racing was as action packed as ever. The first heat race saw #81 Curtis Houben take the checkered flag first with #66 driven by Sheldon Bradlow this week coming in second while the #18 of Mike Rea brought it home in third. The qualifier saw more of the same great action with the front runners shaking things up. Sheldon Bradlow got the win in the #66 Caprice with #81 Curtis Houben taking second and #18 Mike Rea back in third.

The Cooper Tire Thunder Stock Feature Race was the Rick Fredrickson Memorial 50 lap event. The action was fast and furious with several cars spinning and recovering without the caution coming out. The usual suspects battled for the top positions with #81 Curtis Houben getting to the checkers first, #66 Sheldon Bradlow was second and #18 Mike Rea completed his hat trick of third place finishes, “Pink” Floyd Ransom finished fourth in the #7 and #22 Ryan Fredrickson rounded out the top five.

Curtis accepted his 50th anniversary flag from long time member Larry Barrand and trophies were presented to the top three finishers by the Fredrickson family.

Full race results and points standings are reported below or you can visit the Auto Clearing Motor Speedway website at

For more information on the JB Water and Vacuum Service Super Truck Racing Series visit their website at

The next race is Friday August 24th and it kicks off Rock 102's Cruise weekend. Racing that evening will be the Budget Car and Truck Rental Street Stock Wes Skakun Memorial, SKL Trailer Pro Trucks and WSSL Auto Parts Super Late Model Bryce Mann Memorial. Gates at 6:00pm with the first race underway at 7:05

Auto Clearing Motor Speedway
Results for Saturday, August 18, 2012

Parts Source Mini Stock Division

Heat Race:
1.  #7 Darnell Schick
2.  #10 Kevin Dyck
3.  #02 David Wilson (Tech DQ)
4.  #1 Scott Barrand
5.  #14 Zachary Jalbert
6.  #41 Jamie Tataryn
7.  #42 Landry Boisvert
8.  #77 Ashton Vangool
9.  #95 Clay Wagner
10. #92 Brennan Kirton
11. #17 Jared Reddekopp
12. #20 Audra Cooper
13. #50 Josh Robb
14. #98 Tom Smith
15. #15 Dawson Reddekopp
16. #24 Eric Lumley

Qualifier Race:
1.  #95 Clay Wagner
2.  #10 Kevin Dyck
3.  #92 Brennan Kirton
4.  #41 Jamie Tataryn
5.  #7 Darnell Schick
6.  #15 Dawson Reddekopp
7.  #14 Zachary Jalbert
8.  #42 Landry Boisvert
9.  #20 Audra Cooper
10. #1 Scott Barrand
11. #02 David Wilson (Tech DQ)
12. #77 Ashton Vangool
13. #17 Jared Reddekopp
14. #50 Josh Robb
15. #98 Tom Smith
16. #24 Eric Lumley

Parts Source Mini Stock 50 Lap Feature Race:
1.  #10 Kevin Dyck
2.  #14 Zachary Jalbert
3.  #7 Darnell Schick
4.  #92 Brennan Kirton
5.  #41 Jamie Tataryn
6.  #95 Clay Wagner
7.  #17 Jared Reddekopp
8.  #1 Scott Barrand
9.  #77 Ashton Vangool
10. #15 Dawson Reddekopp
11. #20 Audra Cooper
12. #42 Landry Boisvert
13. #02 David Wilson (Tech DQ)
14. #50 Josh Robb
15. #24 Eric Lumley
16. #98 Kaylee Smith

Cooper Tire Thunder Stock Division

Heat Race:
1.  #81 Curtis Houben
2.  #66 Brent Dupuis
3.  #18 Mike Rea
4.  #22 Ryan Fredrickson
5.  #7 Floyd Ransom
6.  #17 Curtis Moore
7.  #49 Mickey Pogoda
8.  #3 Barry Stefaniuk

Qualifier Race:
1.  #66 Brent Dupuis
2.  #81 Curtis Houben
3.  #18 Mike Rea
4.  #7 Floyd Ransom
5.  #22 Ryan Fredrickson
6.  #3 Barry Stefaniuk
7.  #49 Mickey Pogoda
8.  #17 Curtis Moore

Cooper Tire Thunder Stock Division Feature Race
Rick Fredrickson Memorial
1.  #81 Curtis Houben
2.  #66 Brent Dupuis
3.  #18 Mike Rea
4.  #7 Floyd Ransom
5.  #22 Ryan Fredrickson
6.  #49 Mickey Pogoda
7.  #17 Curtis Moore
8.  #3 Barry Stefaniuk

JB Water and Vacuum Service Super Trucks
Bobcat of Saskatoon Series

Qualifying Time Trials
1.  #20 Neil Fitzgerald, 15.207
2.  #99 Doug Fischer, 14.984
3.  #33 Jamie McClennon, 15.006
4.  #44 Dean Braham, 15.019
5.  #2 Brian Sparks, 15.095
6.  #00 Kevin McLean, 15.317
7.  #76 Dusty O Connell, 15.476
8.  #08 Conner Mills, 15.557
9.  #18 Ron Larson, 16.064
10. #07 Dean Cunningham, 16.089

Heat 1:
1.  #08 Conner Mills
2.  #00 Kevin McLean
3.  #44 Dean Braham
4.  #33 Jamie McClennon
5.  #20 Neil Fitzgerald
6.  #99 Doug Fischer
7.  #2 Brian Sparks
8.  #76 Dusty O Connell
9.  #18 Ron Larson
10. #07 Dean Cunningham

Heat 2:
1.  #44 Dean Braham
2.  #20 Neil Fitzgerald
3.  #33 Jamie McClennon
4.  #2 Brian Sparks
5.  #08 Conner Mills
6.  #00 Kevin McLean
7.  #99 Doug Fischer
8.  #76 Dusty O Connell
9.  #18 Ron Larson
10. #07 Dean Cunningham

Bobcat of Saskatoon Super Truck Series
Doosan 100 Main Feature Race:
1.  #20 Neil Fitzgerald
2.  #99 Doug Fischer
3.  #33 Jamie McClennon
4.  #44 Dean Braham
5.  #00 Kevin McLean
6.  #76 Dusty O Connell
7.  #08 Conner Mills
8.  #07 Dean Cunningham
9.  #18 Ron Larson
10. #2 Brian Sparks

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