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The Saskatoon Stock Car Racing Association's newsletter highligting the events held at Auto Clearing Motor Speedway.
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Track Talk


The Saskatoon Stock Car Racing Association is pleased to present the NASCAR Canadian Tire Series at Auto Clearing Motor Speedway for our fans for the fourth annual Bayer Crop Science Velocity Prairie Thunder 250. Previous winners for this race are Steckly, Kennington and Shepherd III, will who win the title this year? Also on the track this special day is the SKL Trailers Pro Trucks division competing in the Astro Towing Pro Truck 100.


How did you get excited about racing? My racing history started when my Dad began Thunder Stock car racing in the early 90’s. I grew up running around the stock car track collecting any crash damage treasures I could take home and pestering Joe Hadesbeck for anything he was throwing into the crowd that night. I made a pretty decent living collecting all the pop/beer cans from under the stands after a race night hoping someday it would pay my way into NASCAR. Throughout the week, I would spend all of my spare time with my Dad working on his race cars at Dodge City Collision, drawing pictures of cars and making trophies to give to my favorite driver Alex Leschenko. In 2007, my mom and I started Thunder Stock car racing again and we’ve been going hard ever since. Since then, we’ve had some good and bad luck but always had fun. Some of the more memorable moments for me would be winning my first thunder feature in 2009, completely rebuilding that #49 car in 6 days after it mashed the wall, acting as crew chief for my mom in 2010 and watching her set the track record, and of course getting into the pro truck class in 2011.

Why did you choose the Pro Truck class? It’s a really cool class; very unique and they are really easy to work on compared to the steel bodied race cars. The truck class is growing and growing. I can’t wait to see what the class builds to in a few more years - I don’t doubt we see close to 20 trucks. The competition is incredible and you couldn’t ask for a better class of drivers to race against. If you have interest in racing a truck, come and talk to one of us drivers. We’ll be more then happy to help in any way we can. Its easier then you think!

Tell us a little about your Pro Truck? The truck was originally built in the US. I purchased the truck from Wade Wohlford after the 2010 race season. It had to be re-clipped after its collision with Wade’s second truck that he had rented out that race night to Alex Leschenko. Basically, we cut the truck in half and welded in a new strait rear section. Last off-season, Adam Yelland and I went through the whole truck stripping it down to the bare chassis. We changed/fixed a lot of parts throughout the process and it handles much better with the repairs. Its powered a 4th year 602 crate motor, 2 speed glide and runs a similar setup to the 01 Lesko Pro Truck.

I love racing, love the challenge of making racing cars fast, but above that, I think the thing I love most about ACMS is the great people I’ve met out here; from Jamie “Captain Awesome” Ta-TEAR-in, Russelmania Smith, Adam Yelland, Dennis Beck to the Sheetka racing family and great mentors like Alex Leschenko - the list goes on. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for Auto Clearing Motor Speedway and Pogoda Racing.

Our team is excited for the rest of the season. The number 50 wouldn’t be at the track this year if it wasn’t for our sponsors: Speedtech Racing Development, Parr Autobody, Warrens Dream Car Garage, Prairie Meats, Recreation Supply, Tint Centre, Tammy Wandzura Mortgage Broker, Bluewater Graphics and Apparel, and Thomas Miller Real Estate Coldwell Banker.

I could not do a track talk without giving a shout out to my wonderful new wife Tamara. She is very supportive of my hobby and a big part of the racing team keeping care of all the data from race to race. Also a die hard Kasey Kahne fan although I’m not sure why… This is a shot from our wedding June 30 where I snuck the truck into the reception to use as a cake stand.


#02 Mark Dilley
#3 Jason Hathaway
#5 Noel Dowler
#09 Ryley Seibert
#11 Mike Scholz
#14 James Van Domselaar
#17 DJ Kennington
#21 Jason White
#22 Scott Steckly
#24 Jim White
#27 Andrew Ranger
#33 Bob Delorme
#35 Kevin Dowler
#44 Jarrad Whissell
#46 Dan Shirley
#47 LP Dumoulin
#48 Nathan Weenk
#49 Jason Hankewich
#51 Nick Jewell
#60 Ron Beauchamp Jr.
#69 Trevor Seibert
#84 JR Fitzpatrick
#90 Martin Roy


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