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The Saskatoon Stock Car Racing Association's newsletter highligting the events held at Auto Clearing Motor Speedway.
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Track Talk

Round four at Auto Clearing Motor Speedway was the first Friday night race on the schedule. With threatening sky's the sense of urgency was in the air and the intensity was high. All three divisions were on their third race meet, the contenders are starting to show and the rivalries are starting to grow.

The first race of the evening was in the Cooper Tire thunder stock division and for the second week in a row the field was lead around by a rookie pace car drive as the long time driver Ron Just recovers from surgery. All of us at ACMS wish Ron a speedy recovery so he can get back into the drivers seat. Logan Derksen's 76 machine was on the pole and it was very obvious he's put some work into this new car. He held the lead for the first 13 laps leaving the rest of the pack fight for second. Once Brent Dupuis broke free in the 66 he set his sights on Logan, unfortunately he drove in too deep in corner one and sent the 76 around, bringing out a caution and sending them both to the back. The action wasn't over just yet, the 18 of Mike Rea assumed the lead but the yellow flag was soon in the air with the 42 driven by Nicole Sheetka and the 17 of Curtis Moore spinning in unrelated incidents. The final restart was critical and the 18 had a good one but the 81 of Curtis Houben tracked him down and got him loose in the final turn, sneaking by for the win.

The SKL Trailer pro truck division were up next, the 19 of Rylan Utigard broke away to an early lead leaving the rest of the pack racing two wide. The 14 of Wade Wohlford and Andy Clewes in the 8 truck fought back and forth for second until finally with three laps left Andy was able to clinch the position and Neil Schneider in the 93 followed him through for third. Alex Leschenko's 01 truck suffered another mechanical failure and that finished his night early.

With 14 cars taking the initial green flag in the first heat of the Budget Car and Truck Rental street stock division action was guaranteed. At the drop of the flag Craig Katelnikoff put the 44 out front, the rest of the pack was three and four wide and at turn three contact between several cars brought out the caution and called for a complete restart. Trudy Sawatzky brought her 11 car in to replace a cut down right front tire and Jordan Dalsgaard brought his 17 in to check for damage. With both cars making it out for the restart the 44 again gets an early lead but several laps later contact between the 19 of Aaron Anderson and the 62 of Kenny Heintz cuts a tire on the 62 causing him to spin and bring out another caution. With a quick tire change he rejoins the field for the last 6 laps, when the green flies it's back to two and three wide racing. Craig Katelnikoff keeps the 44 out front, Darryl Potts in the 36 battles with the 19 for second, Potts gets loose coming out of two and Anderson gets the spot. Heading into turn one on the last lap Jason Wilki in the 87 gets turned around and the rest of the field take the checker and yellow flags at the line.

Once again Logan Derksen's 76 leads the thunder stock class to the green flag, soon they are four wide fighting for position. The 42 driven by Nicole Sheetka spins off the bumper of the Mike Rea's 18 car on the back straight but she is able to gather it up and they stay under green. Brent Dupuis threads the 66 car through the pack to take the lead. Five laps in Flyod Ransom uses the bumper on his 7 machine to send the 76 for a spin cycle coming out of turn two, Logan keeps his foot in it and rejoins the battle.The laps wind down with a three wide battle for second that sees Curtis Houben claim the spot in the 81 closely followed by the 18 of Mike Rea and the 7 of Floyd Ransom.

Next up the second pro truck race of the night, the field takes the green but contact in turn one between the 89 of Jim Goodlad and the 49 of Shantel Firth brings out the caution and calls for a complete restart. Both trucks pit for repairs but make it back out to take the green again. “Wild” Bill Zubrecki breaks out to the lead but his mini spool lets go sending him for a spin, bringing out another caution and forcing yet another total restart. This time the 50 truck of Ben Pogoda is on the pole but the 27 of Scott Lucas gets the early lead and drives away from the group. Lots of tight racking in the pack but Neil Schneider is able to navigate his 93 through and track down the 50. Unfortunately for him he runs out of laps to make the pass for second but they come across the line door to door.

The final heat race of the night brings the street stocks back on the track. The 17 of Jordan Dalsgaard leads them to the green flag buy the 87 of Jason Wilki takes over the spot. Three laps in the 62 of Kenny Heintz makes contact with te 87 but Jason holds on and retains the lead. Meanwhile the entire pack battles door to door and bumper to bumper for position, reminiscent of a restrictor plate race. With ten laps to go the 62 finally takes the lead and wants to run away from the pack but the 47 of Calvin Heilman has mechanical issues and brings out the caution. At this point of the night you can taste the rain in the air and when the green flag comes out it starts to drizzle ever so slightly. The 62 continues to lead while the 19 of Aaron Anderson and the 3 of Brad Kliewer fight for second. The 19 wins that battle but he runs out of laps to catch the 62 so Kenny Heintz wins the war and gets the checkered flag to celebrate his 19th birthday.

The vortex effect holds off the rain and the race night continues with the first 50 lap feature of the evening being the thunder stocks. Kyle Brown gets a ride in the 49 junior racing program Caprice driven by Mickey Pogoda. The 3 fan ride along Monte Carlo is piloted by Barry Stefanuik and he had the pleasure of taking 50/50 winner Joe M out for a ride in the final thunder race of the night. Three laps after the green flag the 42, this time driven by Kelsey Sheetka takes the lead. Several laps later Brent Dupuis once again gets out front but Kelsey keeps him in her sights. Meanwhile the 18 of Mike Rea and the 81 driven by Curtis Houben make their way through the pack and with 32 laps remaining the 81 gets by the 42 for second place. Twelve laps later the 22 of Ryan Fredrickson spins in turns one and two but is able to continue so the race stays green. In the remaining eight laps the 66 is slowed down by lap traffic allowing the 81 to get to his bumper but four laps later Curtis has problems and is forced to pit. That leaves the 66 of Brent Dupuis the win, Kelsey Sheetka gets second place in the 42 for the second time in as many events and Mike Rea brings the 18 home third.

Up next the pro trucks head out for their 50 lap feature under a very grim looking sky. The 18 of Bill Zubrecki is able to get his truck repaired and makes the feature race , the 5 of Debra Newnham also overcomes mechanical problems that saw her miss the second heat race. When the green flag flies Rylan takes the early lead in his 19 truck. Seven laps in Ben Pagoda in the 50 truck gets past Andy Clewes in the 8 for second place, the 27 of Scott Lucas follows him through. Six laps later the 27 takes over second and starts hunting the 19 truck, Neil Schneider is also in the middle of the action in the 93.

Several laps later the 27 takes the lead, the 50 and 93 are hot on his tail. With 23 laps to go the 18 of Bill Zubrecki heads to the pits with more problems, taking him out of his fifth place run. The front three trucks break away and leave six drivers wrestling over fourth spot and with ten laps left Shantel Firth puts her 49 truck firmly into that spot. Mother nature decides to join in the fun and rain starts to fall in turns one and two sending the 12 of Aaron Deagnon for a spin that brings out the caution flag, but not before several trucks spin to avoid the mayhem. After only one more lap of caution the race is cut short due to rain.

As quick as it came the rain left and the decision was made to dry the track and attempt to get the 50 lap street stock feature race in. With the help of the track trucks, thunder and street stock divisions the racing surface was ready to go in short order. Some fans left early but the ones that stayed wouldn't be disappointed. SSCRA president Stan Reddekopp paced the field for the final time in the Dodge Charger pace car provided by Auto Clearing Superstore. With the green flag out the racers make a mad dash for turn one, once again contact between several cars brings out the caution and causes a complete restart. The 36 of Darryl Potts heads to the pit with a flat left rear, the 17 of Jordan Dalsgaard also pits for repairs. The second start is clean and the hard racing continues, the 3 driven by Brad Kliewer takes an early lead as the pack races three wide for second. The 34 of Mike Schroeder makes it to second and tracks down the 3. Ten laps in those two drivers along with the 44 of Craig Katelnikoff find themselves occupying the same real estate, bringing out the yellow and sending the 44 to the pits to try and fix the body damage. The 34 heads to the back and the race resumes with the 88 of Brad Wrennick at the point. The 62 of Kenny Heintz and the 19 of Aaron Anderson battle door to door for second and after ten laps and multiple attempts on the inside and outside the 19 settles back into third. The occasional rain drop begins to fall reminding the drivers of the urgency, the 44 proved he was very motivated and worked his way back up to fourth with 23 laps to go. Four laps later the 19 finally makes the pass on the 62 to take second place. Lapped traffic plays a factor and six laps later Aaron puts the 19 at the front, Kenny trys to sneak the 62 into second but the 88 holds him off. With two laps remaining the 62 takes over second place and the 34 passes the 44 to claim fourth position.

Auto Clearing Motor Speedway
Results for Friday, June 8, 2012

Cooper Tire Thunder Stock Division

Heat Race:
1.  #81 Curtis Houben
2.  #18 Mike Rea
3.  #7 Floyd Ransom
4.  #22 Ryan Fredrickson
5.  #66 Brent Dupuis
6.  #21 Bill & Doug Rea
7.  #3 Barry Stefaniuk
8.  #42 Kelsy & Nicole Skeetka
9.  #17 Curtis Moore
10. #49 Mickey Pogoda
11. #76 Logan Derkson

Qualifier Race:
1.  #66 Brent Dupuis
2.  #81 Curtis Houben
3.  #18 Mike Rea
4.  #7 Floyd Ransom
5.  #22 Ryan Fredrickson
6.  #17 Curtis Moore
7.  #3 Barry Stefaniuk
8.  #76 Logan Derkson
9.  #21 Bill & Doug Rea
10. #49 Mickey Pogoda
11. #42 Kelsy & Nicole Skeetka

Cooper Tire Thunder Stock 50 Laps for 50 years Feature Race:
1.  #66 Brent Dupuis
2.  #42 Kelsy & Nicole Skeetka
3.  #18 Mike Rea
4.  #76 Logan Derkson
5.  #7 Floyd Ransom
6.  #22 Ryan Fredrickson
7.  #21 Bill & Doug Rea
8.  #49 Mickey Pogoda
9.  #81 Curtis Houben
10. #3 Barry Stefaniuk
11. #17 Curtis Moore

SKL Trailers Pro Truck Division

Heat Race:
1.  #19 Rylan Utigard
2.  #8 Andy Clewes
3.  #93 Neil Schneider
4.  #14 Wade Wohlford
5.  #89 Jim Goodlad
6.  #49 Shantel Firth
7.  #27 Scott Lucas
8.  #50 Ben Pogoda
9.  #18 Bill Zubrecki
10. #5 Debra Newnham
11. #12 Aaron Deagnon
12. #01 Alex Leschenko

Qualifier Race:
1.  #27 Scott Lucas
2.  #50 Ben Pogoda
3.  #93 Neil Schneider
4.  #19 Rylan Utigard
5.  #14 Wade Wohlford
6.  #8 Andy Clewes
7.  #49 Shantel Firth
8.  #89 Jim Goodlad
9.  #12 Aaron Deagnon
10. #18 Bill Zubrecki
11. #01 Alex Leschenko (DNS)
12. #5 Debra Newnham (DNS)

SKL Trailers Pro Truck 50 Laps for 50 years Feature Race
(race called at 44 laps due to rain)
1.  #27 Scott Lucas
2.  #50 Ben Pogoda
3.  #93 Neil Schneider
4.  #49 Shantel Firth
5.  #8 Andy Clewes (DQ)
6.  #14 Wade Wohlford
7.  #89 Jim Goodlad
8.  #5 Debra Newnham
9.  #5 Debra Newnham
10. #12 Aaron Deagnon
11. #18 Bill Zubrecki
12. #01 Alex Leschenko (DNS)

Pro truck #8 failed post-race tech inspection measurement rule so was disqualified.

Budget Car and Truck Rental Street Stock Division

Heat Race:
1.  #44 Craig Katelnikoff
2.  #19 Aaron Anderson
3.  #36 Darryl Potts
4.  #34 Mike Schroeder
5.  #88 Brad Wrennick
6.  #3 Ron Eby
7.  #11 Trudy Sawatzky
8.  #28 Brennen Forseille
9.  #62 Kenny Heintz
10. #47 Calvin Heilman
11. #21 Mike Baht
12. #17 Jordan Dalsgaard
13. #87 Jason Wilki
14. #93 Harold Edwards

Qualifier Race:
1.  #62 Kenny Heintz
2.  #19 Aaron Anderson
3.  #3 Ron Eby
4.  #44 Craig Katelnikoff
5.  #36 Darryl Potts
6.  #87 Jason Wilki
7.  #34 Mike Schroeder
8.  #11 Trudy Sawatzky
9.  #88 Brad Wrennick
10. #28 Brennen Forseille
11. #17 Jordan Dalsgaard
12. #21 Mike Baht
13. #47 Calvin Heilman
14. #93 Harold Edwards (DNS)

Budget Car and Truck Rental Street Stock 50 Laps for 50 years Feature Race
1.  #19 Aaron Anderson
2.  #62 Kenny Heintz
3.  #88 Brad Wrennick
4.  #34 Mike Schroeder
5.  #44 Craig Katelnikoff
6.  #28 Brennen Forseille
7.  #87 Jason Wilki
8.  #36 Darryl Potts
9.  #3 Ron Eby
10. #11 Trudy Sawatzky
11. #17 Jordan Dalsgaard
12. #17 Jordan Dalsgaard
13. #93 Harold Edwards
14. #47 Calvin Heilman

The next action at Auto Clearing Motor Speedway is Saturday night, June 16 when the JB Water and Vacuum Service Super Trucks make their first of four stops in Saskatoon, Joining them are the Parts Source Mini Stock, Cooper Tire Thunder Stock and the SKL Trailers Pro Truck divisions. Gates open at 5:00pm with the first green flag at 6:05pm

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