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The Saskatoon Stock Car Racing Association's newsletter highligting the events held at Auto Clearing Motor Speedway.
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Track Talk


The Saskatoon Stock Car Racing Association wants to welcome you back to Auto Clearing Motor Speedway for what is going to be another remarkable year! Five local classes including the SKL Trailers Pro Trucks, the Part Source Mini Stocks, the Cooper Tires Thunder Stocks, the Budget Car & Truck Rental Street Stocks and the WSSL Super Late Models will compete again this year. The popular Legends will be back for two main series events and a new series, the Sask. Legends Series, has developed in the off season. These local Legends drivers are on the schedule for three additional nights. We are also pleased to have the Super Trucks and the Western Elite Stock Car Tour back at Auto Clearing Motor Speedway. And if that’s not enough racing, the NASCAR Canadian Tire Series will return for the fourth annual Velocity Prairie Thunder 250 in July.

2012 marks the 50th anniversary of the Saskatoon Stock Car Racing Association! Throughout the season we will be sharing memories of the “good old days” and we encourage you to share your memories with us! Drop off your photos and quotes at the ticket booth on race nights well try to include it in race program inserts. We are also planning a special reunion event to be held on Saturday September 1st race night. Please invite anyone who has been a part of racing in Saskatoon over the past 50 years to join us to celebrate!


How and when did you get involved in racing? In 2004 Kevin Sparks had a Thunder Stock car and my cousin Dan was his crew chief, they needed some help in the pits. I helped out for several races and then one day at a practice I found myself in his driver’s suit and helmet...that was the beginning of the end. I bought an old dirt car and raced in the fall Enduro, I managed a 6th place finish. During that race I spent a pile of laps following Stan Caron, a valuable learning experience. I didn't really have a crew so Dan, Jerome Ouellette and Geoff Crowter all teamed up and shared resources. For the 2005 season I raced both Enduros but for the mid summer race I blew a motor in practice and another one in the race. In the fall race I was the part of a 12 car wreck that happened on lap 3...not exactly stellar results. In 2006 at the new track Stan Reddekopp needed help, he was moving up to the new ProTruck class and then in 2007 we decided to build a truck from the ground up. Somewhere during that I decided I just HAD to get a piece of the up and coming Mini Stock class so I bought a car from Jim Barnsley - the king of Neons. Only managed 2 races that season, crashed hard in practice and called it a year. Life got in the way and I took several years off driving to start a family and a business but in 2009 Allison and Dave Nagorski needed a car to finish the season, with their help the car was back at the track, little did I know I would give them an opportunity to repay the favour 2 years later. It seems like so long ago since I started but it's nothing compared to the 50 year history of the SSCRA.

What’s in store for 2012? After totaling the original McQueen in the second last race of 2011, I figured I better pull a Pixar and make a sequel. McQueen 2 is another two door first generation Dodge Neon but this one is a couple years newer. The original drive train was salvaged from the first car, and while we had it out we massaged a couple of areas in hopes of coaxing out a couple extra ponies. ;) The original cage was transplanted with a few additions for safety such as a seat with more support and upgraded passenger side door bars. Most of the suspension also made the transition as well as the rims and tires, although with the new tire branding rule I will need to get a couple new ones... the problem is the tire manufacturer no longer makes that size tire. On the plus side, we can now run a directional tire so it will be interesting to see who's the first to find the new hot ticket as far as tire combinations go. It will likely play a big factor as the season progresses, as will the fact you only have 8 to work with all season, which wouldn't be a problem if we had a combination figured out.

Tell us about your crew? This year I have a crew chief/co-driver and at 60 years young Robin is even more of a Neonaholic than I am. He has wheel to wheel experience racing bikes on dirt flat track ovals and is currently driving his Neon in Auto-X events around Western Canada. (Doing very well I might add!) He's a journeyman mechanic and brings much needed years of experience to the team; he will be a definite asset when it comes to dialing in the new car.

What are your thoughts on the Mini Stock division for 2012? It's disappointing that Dennis Beck isn't coming back to defend his title, I'll also miss racing against Tristan Ransom and David Krushelniski, but I hope they find success in their Chump car venture. With Kenny Heintz moving to Street, we'll have to see who will take over as the class "Intimidator". I look forward to battling with the other usual suspects like Kevin D, Scott B, Darnell S, the Vangool's (especially Greg), as well as another group of rookies.

What is your predication for your finish in 2012? Can I repeat the run I was having the first half of 2011? I'm sure going to try, but this time I hope to carry it through the whole season and I'm going to have to if I hope to end up in the top 5! 

2012 Competitors

Mini Stocks

Pro Trucks

Street Stocks

Thunder Stocks

#02 David Wilson #01 Alex Leschenko #3 Brad Kliewer/Ron Eby #7 Floyd Ransom
#1 Scott Barrand #5 Debra Newnham #11 Trudy Sawatzky #12 Nitin Madiratta
#5 Kirk Senger #8 Andrew Clewes #13 Shawn Hill #17 Curtis Moore
#7 Darnell Schick #11 Bob Gibson #17 Jordan Dalsgaard #18 Mike Rea
#10 Kevin Dyck #12 Aaron Deagnon #19 Aaron Anderson #22 Ryan Fredrickson
#14 Zachery Jalbert #14 Wade Wohlford #21 Mike Baht #42 Kelsey/Nicole Sheetka
#15 Dawson Reddekopp  #18 Bill Zubrecki #28 Brennen Forseille #66 Brent Dupuis
#17 Jared Reddekopp #19 Rylan Utigard #33 Ryan Thompson #76 Logan Derksen
#18 Kenton Sanderson #27 Scott Lucas #36 Darryl Potts #81 Barry Stefaniuk
#20 Audra Cooper #49 Shantel Firth #44 Craig Katelnikoff  
#24 Eric Lumley #50 Ben Pogoda #62 Kenny Heintz  
#41 Jamie Tataryn #53 Damen Meier #69 Amanda Middleton  
#42 Landry Boisvert #54 Tony Mikulcik #87 Jason Wilki  
#50 Josh Robb #89 Jim Goodlad #88 Brad Wrennick  
#77 Ashton Vangool  #93 Neil Schneider    
#92 Brennan Kirton      
#95 Clay Wagner      
#98 Tom/Kaylee Smith      


Super Late Model

Sask. Legends Series


Western Elite

#14 Glen Hertzke #2 Shawn Derksen #04 Tim Kammer
#20 Ken Campbell #4 Dennis Kunstmann #07 Casey Randall
#22 Doug Bienia #5 Kyle Van Ham #12 Matthew Shirley
#38 Dave Bone #6 Kerry Neufeld #21 Nick Allen
#44 Trevor Hannay #13 Chelsey Wilson #26 John Rees
#55 Jim Gaunt #21 Blake Erb #29 Rob Howlett
#56 Howard Crossman #24 Brad Blumer #49 Ben Busch
#67 Ken Ross #25 Jason Jessiman #51 Nick Jewell
#69 PJ Kondra #26 Ernie Ludwig #74 Dennis Masse
#70 Trent Seidel #27 Lowell McLaren  
#77 Greg Vangool #43 Shawn Hill  
#88 Jason Gervais #48 Roger McConnell  
  #58 Brendon Deibert  
  #64 Byron Thiessen  
  #86 Carter Horton  
  #88 Jody Stewart  

Next Racing Event

Saturday May 26th, 2012 -Green Flag at 6PM

Divisons competing:  the SKL Trailers Pro Trucks, the Cooper Tires Thunder Stocks and the WSSL Auto Parts Super Late Models

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