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The Saskatoon Stock Car Racing Association's newsletter highligting the events held at Auto Clearing Motor Speedway.
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Track Talk

Post Race Report - October 1

Auto Clearing Motor Speeday


The extended warm summer season brought out a near capacity crowd at Auto Clearing Motor Speedway Saturday afternoon to watch the final event of the season, the Ellenn Plastics CJWW Ultimate Enduro. The 25 cars registered to participate in the 300 lap race did not disappoint as
things got off to a bang right off the start.

To make things a little more challenging and interesting, race officials had placed about 16 barrels at each end of the track about 15 feet up off the curb and filled them with water. Kale Siemens was the first car to get a shower when his #128 hit a barrel in turn one on the first lap.
The crowd cheered their approval loudly as water shot about 50 feet in the air.

Drivers had been warned earlier in the drivers meeting that intentionally hitting a barrel would be costly, a five lap penalty. Race Director Doug Cooper rule the Siemens meeting with the barrel was
not intentional and did not apply the penalty.

Pilot of the #96 car Layton Senger claims he missed the drivers’ meeting and didn’t know of the rule. He says he thought he was supposed to hit the barrels when he took out six of the eight barrels in corners three/four in lap 10. He was quickly black flagged and parked for the next 90 laps, allowed to return to the race in the second segment.

Ben Pogoda quickly got the #49 Prairie Meat Special Impala out front and led the race for the first six laps. Ryan Andrew took over the lead for five laps until brother Dallas Andrew took over. Dallas stayed out front for 13 laps before handing the lead back to Ryan.

Dallas Andrew was back out in front in lap 33 but the Rea brothers decided it was their turn to lead in lap 37. 20 laps later it was Ryan Andrew back out front until Ben Pogoda decided it was his turn to lead again in lap 88. Ben led to the competition caution at lap 100.

Ten minutes later after taking on some fuel, probably a tire check and a splash of water for the driver and probably the car, Ben led the field back onto the track for the second 100 lap segment. By lap 150 it looked like Pogoda might cruise to victory as he still was leading and had a three lap lead on second place Scott Barrand. A flat tire in lap 153 took him into the pits though, allowing Barrand to catch up. By the time Pogoda was back out on the track, both Pogoda and Barrand were on the lead lap, 154. #76 was catching up as well as Logan Derksen was now one lap down.

Ben Pogoda continued his lead into the end of the second segment as the competition caution brought the teams into the pits for another fueling, cool-down and check. At this point Pogoda had a one lap lead on Barrand, while Derksen was now three laps down. You had to go all the
way down to 190 laps for fourth place, the #34 of Mike Schroeder.

Drivers were warned before the race that breaks would be ten minutes and the green flag would drop whether cars were lined up or not. Pogoda was caught sleeping as the green flag dropped at exactly 3:50 and Pogoda was not on the track. Barrand lead the group out and snuck in two laps
before Pogoda was out, giving him a one lap lead. Derksen also gained on Pogoda, bringing him to within one lap of the former race leader.

Throughout the race the #47 of Calvin Heilman was doing his best to be a pest, spinning out unsuspecting cars. He particularly concentrated on the leaders, giving the cars a little further back a chance to catch up. In lap 209 Ben Pogoda decided he didn’t like Heilman’s antics. They traded shots at each other’s driver side door, resulting in both Pogoda and Heilman being black flagged and disqualified from the race.

Scott Barrand continued leading until lap 264. Derksen took advantage of Barrand being spun and took over the lead in lap 265. Barrand was hot on his tail but didn’t have enough to get by him.

After finishing eighth in last year’s Ellen Plastics CJWW Enduro, the #76 of Logen Derksen won his first race of his two year racing career. He looked kind of lost as he made his victory lap, something he has never done before.

This wraps up the 2011 season for the Saskatoon Stock Car Racing Association at the Auto Clearing Motor Speedway. The year-end awards banquet will take place on Saturday, October 22nd at Prairieland Exhibition Park. Tickets are available on the website.

The Saskatoon Stock Car Racing Association thanks all race teams, fans, sponsors and media for a terrific 2011 race season. Have a great and safe winter and we’ll see everyone back at the track in 2012.

Ellenn Plastics CJWW Ultimate Enduro
Final Results

1. #76 Logan Derksen, 300 laps
2. #1 Scott Barrand, 295 laps
3. #28 Norm Reiter, 262 laps
4. #22 Bill & Doug Rea, 235 laps
5. #5 Kirk Senger, 228 laps
6. #34 Mike Schroeder, 221 laps
7. #128 Kale Siemens, 187 laps
8. #94 Layton Senger, 162 laps
9. #78 Gary O’Brien, 161 laps
10. #02 Matt Hrycuik, 158 laps
11. #51 Jamie Tataryn, 142 laps
12. #86 Mike Baht, 139 laps
13. #88 Brad Wrennick, 107 laps
14. #79 Ryan Andrew, 94 laps
15. #30 Chad Brinkman, 80 laps
16. #71 Dallas Andrew, 51 laps
17. #54 Curtis Speidel, 42 laps
18. #31 Ryan Stuckle, 29 laps
19. #77 Mitch Brown, 29 laps
20. #17 John Brown, 11 laps
21. #88X Dave Zeiler, 8 laps
22. #43 Cam McCracken, 6 laps
23. #49 Ben Pogoda, 209 laps (Black Flag DQ)
24. #47 Calvin Heilman, 162 laps (Black Flag DQ)

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