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The Saskatoon Stock Car Racing Association's newsletter highligting the events held at Auto Clearing Motor Speedway.
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Track Talk

Round Fifteen Racing - Race Report from Auto Clearing Motor Speedway

Last night (Saturday September 17) was a great night of racing at Auto Clearing Motor Speedway. The night was the first of the two Points Finals to end off the regular race season. Divisions competing last night included the SKL Trailers Pro Trucks, the visiting Super Trucks and the local WSSL Auto Parts Super Late Models competing in the Dakota Dunes Casino Western Canadian Super Late Model Championship Series.

In the local SKL Trailers Pro Truck division, it was business as usual for these drivers. This was their second last event of the season. During the qualifier race, the 2011 points leader #38 Rick Kucher was in an altercation and got some severe damage to the back end of the car during the qualifier race. His left rear tire was completely separated from the truck and he had to be towed into the pits. #93 Neil Schneider received a race disqualification for the incident. After much work, the #38 team of Rick Kucher, was able to participate in the 40 lap feature. #67 Ken Ross got a win in the feature race, second was #27 Scott Lucas and #3 Tony Mikulcik in third. This division will compete for the last time this season next weekend.

The Super Trucks series from Alberta made their last stop in Saskatoon last night. Their 100 lap feature was exciting with 14 trucks starting the race. The caution flag was out early on lap two and then out again two more times during the race but these drivers were pushing hard to the front. The finish was great! #20 Neil Fitzgerald was able to get the win with #84 Jamie McClennon getting second and the #74 Larry Kramer in third.

The points championship for this mini series for the Super Trucks top three were: #99 Doug Fischer (Wainwright AB) with 672 points, #20 Neil Fitzgerald (Wainwright AB) in second with 688 points and #84 Jamie McClennon (Wainwright AB) in first with 726 points.

The final division competing was the local WSSL Auto Parts Super Late Models competing in the Dakota Dunes Casino Western Canadian Super Late Model Championship Series. Twenty seven teams came out to Auto Clearing Motor Speedway to participate in the action – the main race the Keystone Light 150 where 26 six teams were scheduled to race. Qualifying times for the fastest sixteen guaranteed teams a spot in the race – starting order was determined by the finishing order in the heat races. The remaining eleven teams without a spot into the show, would have to fight for their positions in the B Main.

Top three finishers for the two heat races were - in first, #69 Pj Kondra (Saskatoon), #07 Greg Moir (Spruce Grove AB) in second and #25 Mel Weeks (AB) in third in the first heat; and #49 Brian Levant (Calgary AB) in first, #24 Cameron Hayley (Priddis AB) in second and #55 Jim Gaunt (Saskatoon) in third in the second heat. Top three positions in finishing order for the B Main went to all Saskatoon drivers #70 Trent Seidel, #44 Trevor Hannay, and #56 Howard Crossman.

Starting order had been determined for the Keystone Light 150 lap race - but then there was the twist. Fifteen year old #24 Cameron Hayley of Priddis AB and #25 Mel Weeks (AB) were qualified in the first two positions. As a bonus for achieving that feat, these two drivers were offered an additional $1000 payout if they won the race…but the catch…they had to start the race from the back. A tough feat to work their way through the field of cars....but both agreed to give it a shot! Then the big dice came out….an 8 was rolled…meaning that the front eight positions (after the two were took their spot in the back) were inverted. Now the starting order was finalized.

All 27 teams were allowed to start.  The race was tight…and fast! Lots of great passing and a few mix-ups between drivers brought out the caution flag. #24 Cameron Hayley worked his way to the front…but just didn’t have enough time to get there. He finished in the third position. #6 Chris Skelton of Calgary AB got the win with #33 Jamie McClennon of Wainwright AB finishing second.

As mentioned this was the first of the points final nights…the final points for the local WSSL Auto Parts Super Late Models were #69 PJ Kondra in third position with 264 points, #70 Trent Seidel in second with 293 points and the Champion for the 2011 season - #55 Jim Gaunt with 314 points. Jim is a seasoned winner…this being his “thirteenth or fourteenth”.

The 2011 points standings for the Dakota Dunes Casino Western Canadian Super Late Model Championship Series ended up with #17 Trevor Emond in third with 332 points, #6 Chris Skelton with 335 points and the winner of the series in 2011 - #24 Cameron Hayley with 345 points.

Full race results are listed below. Points standings can be found at the Auto Clearing Motor Speedway website at

The next event for Auto Clearing Motor Speedway will be held on Saturday September 24th. This will be the points final for the rest of the Auto Clearing Motor Speedway local divisions. Divisions competing are the Cooper Tires Thunder Stocks, the Budget Car and Truck Rental Street Stocks, SKL Trailers Pro Trucks and the Part Source Mini Stocks. Gates will open at 5:00pm with the green flag at 6:00pm. See you there!



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