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The Saskatoon Stock Car Racing Association's newsletter highligting the events held at Auto Clearing Motor Speedway.
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Track Talk

Get Ready for Round Two Racing!

Racing this week features the Cooper Tires Thunder Stocks, the Budget Car & Truck Rental Street Stocks, the Western Sportsman division and the WSSL Auto Parts Super Late Models. This will be the first time out for the season for the Western Sportsman and Super Late Models.    
The Super Late Model teams have been out practicing and fine tuning their cars this week...some drivers are stoked and happy with their car set-up, others didn't have as good of an experience this past week as one driver blew his engine. :(  You’ll see familiar drivers in this class but different car paint schemes.
With one race event in the books for 2011, the Street Stock and Thunder Stock divisions are showing to be very competitive. WRENNICK and POTTS are tied for first in points and SAUNDERS is just one point behind. In Thunders, STEFANIUK leads REA and POGODA in the division by one and eight points respectively.  
Thanks to the Star Phoenix Swarm Jam for sponsoring this race event!     
Driver profile -
Mickey Pogoda #49 Thunder Stock
Q. When did you start racing?  A. I’m here because of Don - his involvement dates back to 1990. I started racing in 2000 and shared a car with Cheryl Forseille at Bridge City Speedway. Then I raced with Don and shared #49 for two years. 2007 was my first season in my own car.
Q. What drives you to compete in this mostly male dominated sport?  A. We all have a competitive side to be the best we can be. My goal is to win races and have a laugh while doing it. As far as being a woman - ha ha - no racer has ever pulled over to let me go by!  I’m just a position that they are interested in getting ahead of.  Nothing can give you more satisfaction than racing door to door and then pulling away. Having to work for a win is very gratifying, not to say the fans don't deserve a spin to win sometimes and that's always an option in Thunder. 
Q. Tell me some of the highs and lows of your racing career?  A. Highs: Track record last season 17.422; 2010 season finish 2nd overall; having a perfect night last June - winning all three races; watching our kids race and do well. Lows: Having #49 hit the wall this year at a practice before the first race day :( always a low when you have to visit the frame shop!!!  Thanks to our front hoop this year we were spared a visit.
Q. Do you keep up the technical end of things by reading, internet?  A. The technical wisdom - LOL (I have a small library). It comes from sticking my nose under the car listening and grabbing a wrench. It's a lot easier to take apart the second time. Without Don and Ben, we wouldn’t be a top three car, they spend an incredible amount of time just always thinking how can we be faster.  My boys are very patient with me, but now my new best friend is an air ratchet and my scales.  I am physically not able to do some things, but I do what I'm able to do.
Q. What do you enjoy most about the club, the thunder class? A. The SSCRA has grown with this amazing new facility I'm humbled to be part of such a great team!! I say team because of every volunteer, racer, their husband, wives and kids are all proud to call it our track by working countless hours to maintain and improve this great facility. The club is warm and inviting it makes me feel at home. The Thunder class has class and camaraderie. From my good friend Barry Stefaniuk, who by the way was going to lend me his car to start this season if the #49 couldn't make it out for the first race (after a mishap at practice) and who has lent his car before to me when mine blew up (what guy would lend his brand new perfect car to a girl - he would!!!!); to the Karmen Parks who has the biggest heart and passion for racing, to the Sheetka girls who soaked up everything they could last year in the junior racing program to be able to get out there and drive hard and smart, to all the wrenches and motor heads especially my son Ben and husband Don who spent countless hours over all the years to let me be a little crazy - THANK YOU for being part of the Thunder dream!!
I would not be here without those who supported me as well (partnerships). As my daughter Sara would say its all fun and games till you get beat by a girl!!!!!
Thank you Mickey for being a part of the Thunder dream!

auto clearing motor speedway points standings
(as of May 27th)

Pro Trucks
1. Ken Ross 92
2. Rick Kucher 85
3. Scott Lucas 82
4. Wade Wohlford 77
5. Bill Zubrecki 68
6. Rylan Utigard 60
7. Shantel Firth 56
8. Andrew Clewes 55
9. Ben Pogoda 54
10. Neil Schneider 47
11. Debra Newnham 47
12. Alex Leschenko 15


Street Stocks
1. Brad Wrennick 79
2. Darryl Potts 79
3. Tristan Saunders 78
4. Brennen Forseille 70
5. Ryan Thompson 69
6. Robert Burkitt 60
7. Jordan Dalsgaard 59
8. Ron Eby 51
9. Kevin MacLaggan 48
10. Mike Schroeder 46


Thunder Stocks
1. Barry Stefaniuk 90
2. Mike Rea 89
3. Mickey Pogoda 82
4. Brent Dupuis 74
5. Ryan Lange 72
6. Floyd Ransom 65
7. Dallas Andrew 62
8. Logan Derksen 53
9. Kelsey/Nicole Sheetka 47
10. Ryan Andrew 47
11. Matt Hrycuik 43
12. Ryan Fredrickson 18
13. Karmen Parks 13


Mini Stocks
1. Frank Vangool 94
2. Kevin Dyck 85
3. Tristan Ransom 82
4. Scott Barrand 81
5. Darnell Schick 78
6. Clay Wagner 78
7. Kenny Heintz 64
8. David Krushelniski 57
9. Dennis Beck 57
10. Curtis Regush 48
11. Audra Cooper 46
12. Jamie Tataryn 44
13. Landry Boiscert 43
14. Brennan Kirton 41
15. Kyle Senger 40
16. Zachery Jalbert 36
17. Dawson Reddekopp 33
18. Josh Robb 28



7:00 P.M.


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