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The Saskatoon Stock Car Racing Association's newsletter highligting the events held at Auto Clearing Motor Speedway.
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Track Talk

opening day highlights

Round 1, Opening night saw 4 classes running which included mini stock, thunder stock, street stock and pro trucks. The late start was due to opening night glitches and time trials for all 4 classes. The action was exciting and relatively trouble free once the races started.

In the mini stock class, both heats and the feature ran exceptionally well, taking into consideration the amount of rookies in this class. Heat 1 saw #2 of David Krushelniski lead most of the race before being pressured by the #77 being driven by Greg Vangool and the #10 of Kevin Dyck. They eventually got around Krushelniski with the #10 of Kevin Dyck taking the checkered. Heat two of the mini’s saw an early caution as a result of front end trouble of the #62 car of Kenny Heintz. On lap 18 the #15 car of Dawson Reddekopp run into trouble on corner one bringing out the caution. The #77 of Greg Vangool took the checkered with the #95 of Clay Wagner and the #7 of Darnell Schick closely following.

The feature race ran until lap 20 before the first caution came out as a result of the #42 spinning in corner 4. This was a close exciting race with the amount of cars and rookies involved. On lap 22, the #41 of Jamie Tataryn hit the outside wall on the back stretch briefly bringing out the caution. The #77 of Greg Vangool took the feature closely followed by the #70 of Tristan Ransom, the #1 of Scott Barrand the #7 of Darnell Schick and #62 of Kenny Heintz rounded off the top 5 finishers.

In the Thunder division, Heat 1 saw the #81 of Barry Stefanuik pull away from the field with second place going to the #18 of Mike Rea and the #49 of Mickey Pogoda. Heat 2 saw the #7 of Floyd Ransom spin in corner two to bring out the caution. Along with Ransom spinning, the #79 hit the wall hard, but would return for the feature. The finishing order for heat two was #18 of Mike Rea, #81 of Barry Stefanuik and #49 of Mickey Pogoda.

The Feature race ran relatively trouble free being taken by the #81 of Barry Stefanuik, #18 of Mike Rea, #49 of Mickey Pogoda, #7 of Floyd Ransom and the Can-do delivery car #12 rounding out the top 5.

In the street stock division, Heat 1 saw #34 of Mike Schroder jump numerous spots on lap 1 to take an early lead. By lap 5, the #43 of Kevin MacLaggan had caught up and past Schroder and they would finish in this order being followed by the #88 of Brad Wrennick. Heat 2 saw the #36 of Darryl Potts spin on the back stretch but no caution flew. The first caution came out when the #34 of Schroder lost a tire in corner 3. The #88 of Brad Wrennick left the race with apparent engine trouble. The winner was the #43 of Kevin MacLaggan with the #87 of Tristan Saunders and the #34 of Mike Schroder, who was able to make it back out, in 3rd.

The feature race was exciting with the #34 and #43 getting together often and getting the rolled up black and sent to the back of the pack from our flagman. This causing the completive racer to come out in them both until our flagman saw enough and sent the pair to the pits for the night. The finish saw the #88 of Brad Wrennick being closely followed by the #36 of Daryl Potts, #33 of Ryan Thompson, #87 of Tristan Saunders and #28 of Brennan Forseille.

The pro truck division with all the newly painted trucks was exciting, but saw the #01 of Alex Leschenko leave the races early with low oil pressure. Heat 1 results are not available at this time. Heat two saw the #5 of Deb Newnham spinning in corner two bringing out an early caution. The #50 of Ben Pogoda come into the pits early with apparent engine trouble. The remander of the race was caution free with the #67 of Ken Ross taking the checkered, closely followed by the #38 of Rick Kucher and the #14 of Wade Wohlford being driven by Trent Seidel.

The truck feature was caution free which was amazing due to the number of trucks and how closely these trucks are matched. This made for an exciting race with positions being challenged throughout the entire field. On lap 14 the #93 of Neil Schneider came into the pits with engine trouble. The winner of this hard fought battle was the #67 of Ken Ross being a photo finish with the #38 of Rick Kucher. The #50 of Ben Pogoda, the #27 of Scott Lucas and the #14 being driven by Trent Seidel battled for 3rd, 4th and 5th finishing respectively.

Round two on May 28th will see the return of the thunders and streets and the debut of the sportsman and SLM division. Racing begins at 6pm, front gates open at 5pm. See you at the track.

Trevor Hannay

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