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The Saskatoon Stock Car Racing Association's newsletter highligting the events held at Auto Clearing Motor Speedway.
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Track Talk

Welcome to the 2011 Season at Auto Clearing Motor Speedway

It’s been said at other facilities…”You get the whole seat…but you’ll only need the edge!“ This saying will definitely apply this year at Auto Clearing Motor Speedway. 2011 will be an exciting year for the race fans!

Increased car/truck counts in divisions will fill the track with competitors. Lots of rookies and new drivers to Auto Clearing Motor Speedway will make things interesting; drivers moving up in divisions will give the veterans a run for the finish line; and a spectacular two day event planned in July will make your motor run!

In the quest for the 2011 championship - who do you watch? Well…last year’s returning champions (STEFANIUK, ROSS) of course, … but you know that those second place finishers from last year (POGODA, LUCAS, GAUNT, SEIDEL) are going to come on strong to get that top spot. Or, will it be a veteran driver to rise up (LESCHENKO, CLEWES, HEINTZ, SCHICK, REIMER, HERTZKE, POTTS, WRENNICK, REA)? … Don’t forget the lovely ladies (POGODA, FIRTH, NEWNHAM) they’re sure to be competitive too. There are so many good picks - you’ll just have to wait and see who will prevail!

Visit our new web site at for all the latest racing information, stats, and upcoming events. You’ll also find the on-line voting page to pick your favourite driver, some trivia and old photos, driver profiles, the Track Talk newsletter and much more!

Cheers to a new season at Auto Clearing Motor Speedway! Enjoy!

Driver Profile - Kenny Heintz - #62 Mini Stock

Q. How did you get your start in racing?     A. Well I had a lot of toy race cars that I played with lots and we always went and watched the races at Bridge City and at Auto Clearing. My family was at one of those WEST Siemens group family days so me and my dad went to the pits and we saw Dan Shirley's car and he let me sit in it which was really cool. Then we asked how old you have to be to race and it was 14 and I was 14. Then we had to build our race car.

Q. How old are you now and when did you get your start in racing?   A. I'm 17 years old right now and I started racing when I was 15 years old back in 2008 when I was first on my dad's crew. I also raced a couple of races.

Q. You are on the executive, are you learning anything about the club and or its members?    A. This is the first year I've been on the executive and it's better then I thought it would be. I wouldn't mind being on the executive next year as a junior. I learn new things every month and I know who not to get in an argument with. HaHaHa.

Q. Describe your car, did you build it? Buy it?   A. My dad and I built a car and the first season we started we had a full crew and we made the car much quicker by the end of the season. Last year we came out with a new car that we built and it's a lot of fun. It was fast from the get go, and surprisingly my bumper last year didn't fall of once.

Q. Who is on your crew. Are you guys learning lots on set up?   A. There's a long list on our crew, there's my dad Crai? he's the Chief of Security, my Crew Chief Bob, Danny my brother, Alex my cousin, Wade my Uncle and our Camera man, Shelley my Aunty, Dan my friend and of course our NUMBER 1 FANS my mom Audrey, Karen, Maddie, Kaieleigh, Uncle Sid and my grandmas Flo and Lil. We do learn lots on setup and since my crew chief Bob has been around forever it doesn't hurt that he knows tons about racing.

Q. Who are your sponsors?   A. Our sponsor so far this year is The Clean Shoppe and High Life Limousine Service but looking for more.

Q. Future plans? Staying in current class or moving?   A. I'm not sure what our future plans are, but I want to move up to something faster for next year. And I think some people will be happy to see me out of the mini stock class, because they think they're would be a lot less bumping.

Q. Any advice for someone starting in your division?   A. My advice for new mini stock drivers is to hold their line. Oh ya, and no whining!



2011 Competitors

Pro Trucks Mini Stocks Thunder Stocks Street Stocks
#3 - Harold Edwards #1 - Scott Barrand  #1 - Sheldon Bradlow #3 - Ron Eby
#5 - Debra Newnham #2 - David Krushelniski #7 - Floyd Ransom #13 - Jordan Hill
#8 - Andrew Clewes #7 - Darnell Schick #02 - Matt Hrycuik #17 - Jordan Dalsgaard
#01 - Alex Leschenko #00 - Curtis Regush #12 - Can-Do Delivery #28 - Brennen Forseille
#14 - Wade Wohlford #10 - Kevin Dyck #18 - Mike Rea #33 - Ryan Thompson
#18 - Bill Zubrecki #13 - Dennis Beck #22 -Ryan Fredrickson #36 - Darryl Potts
#19 - Rylan Utigard #14 - Zachery Jalbert #28 - Can-Do Delivery #43 - Kevin MacLaggan
#27 - Scott Lucas #15 - Dawson Reddekopp #42 - Kelsey/Nicole Sheetka #53 - Robert Burkitt
#38 - Rick Kucher #18 - Kenton Sanderson #49 - Mickey Pogoda #87 - Tristan Saunders
#49 - Shantel Firth #20 - Audra Cooper #66 - Brent Dupuis #88 - Brad Wrennick
#50 - Ben Pogoda #22 - Shawn Magee #71 - Dallas Andrew  
#67 - Ken Ross #41 - Jamie Tataryn #76 - Logan Derksen  
#89 - Jim Goodlad #50 - Josh Robb #81 - Barry Stefaniuk  
#93 - Neil Schneider #62 - Kenny Heintz #83 - Karmen Parks  
  #70 - Tristan Ransom #?? - Ryan Andrew  
  #77 - Frank Vangool    
  #92 - Brennan Kirton    
  #95 - Clay Wagner    


Super Late Model Western Sportsman
#5 - Jeff Reimer #3 - Shawn Hill
#14 - Glen Hertzke #04 - Tim Kammer
#20 - Ken Campbell #26 - John Rees
#22 - Doug Bienna #49 - Ben Busch
#44 - Trevor Hannay #51 - Nicholas Jewel
#55 - Jim Gaunt #53 - Scott Kessler
#56 - Howard Crossman  
#70 - Trent Seidel  
#77 - Jim Barnsley  
#88 - Jason Gervais  


Saturday May 28th – 6:00 p.m.
Sponsored by Star Phoenix Swarm Jam
Competing Divisions: Super Late Model, Thunder Stock, Western Sportsman, Street Stock


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