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The Saskatoon Stock Car Racing Association's newsletter highligting the events held at Auto Clearing Motor Speedway.
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Track Talk

TRACK TALK focuses this week on Alex Leschenko (Al) who has been on, in, and around the racing scene for many years. For those in the racing scene in SK. Al needs no introduction. For those new to the club or circle track racing, Al quickly becomes someone who you can rely on for help, teach you if you are willing to listen, make you laugh and sometimes leave you shaking your head. One thing is for certain, Al's passion for racing, fabrication and the SSCRA are second to none.

The reason I dedicate my first track talk to Al is I have been getting to know him lately as he has been working on my chassis in his tiny shop in Saskatoon's West side. He performs duties in his shop such as race car repair, metal fabrication and general bs sessions for the many who frequent his shop. The pro truck division has quickly become a very popular, exciting class thanks in part to AL and the ideas that bounce around in his head and off of whomever comes to the shop or looks at a computer.

If you allow Al to release the years of experience, thousands of articles read or his study of tracks, drivers and equipment, prepare to be there awhile. Also prepare however to pick up pieces of useful information, tips and if he doesn't totally confuse you, a day of being entertained Al style.

Al has had to deal with a very limited budget through out his race career. The guy is like Mcyver. He makes tools he needs and shows them to you to see if you can figure out what they are used for and delights when you can't figure it out. On one visit, he showed me a jig for mounting a metal die grinder so it can be used upside down for trimming metal. Oh yeah, I see how it works??? He made it on his lathe out of a paper clip. Some times you just have to agree with him and pretend you know what he is talking about.

He talks with great enthusiasm of the future of the SSCRA and the pro truck class. He talks of his past racing. He talks of technical information. He talks of fellow drivers.  He talks! One thing is for certain, Al can be counted on for excellent workmanship, advice, sometimes controversy.

He can be counted on for his passion for racing first and foremost. Al has many years of experience and as his saying goes “old junk to the front” well this takes on a whole new meaning. You can count on the Mad Cat Racing 01 Dodge Pro Truck to be up front or in the mix pleasing his fans.

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