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14, Logan Derkson

Member Since   20010
# Years Racing   5

Driver Info:
Employer's Name   BNT Sales Agency Limited
2015 Team Goals   All Team members have served in Afghanistan and are racing for the Wounded Warriors Canada Program
Display Locations in 2015   Draggins Car Show, the Man Show, Canada Day in the park, Garrison Edmonton if possible.

Team and Car:
Class/Division   Pro Truck
Car Number   14
Race Team Name   BNT Racing
Car Name   The Patriot
Car Year, Make, Model   2006 Chevy Silverado
Engine   350 crate
Crew Chief   Cpl William Stelzner
Pit Crew   MCpl David Turcotte, Cpl David Glover (Evan), Cpl Evan McGill, Cpl Josh Prokopchuk, Cpl Dwyane Edwards
Alternate Driver(s)   Cpl William Stelzner
Car/Truck Owner(s)   Wade Wohlford

Main Sponsor   BNT Sale's Agency Limited
Other Sponsors   Saskatoon Radiator Sales, BNT Ventures Limited, Advantage Collision, Galon Insurance


Driver Profile:



Since I started racing in 1985 at the old Bridge City Speedway I have always enjoyed the sport, the Fans and my fellow racers, it is after all the greatest family sport that can be in my mind, and my heart knows it as well. But the time has come to step back from actually driving and racing myself, I could use all kinds of excuses to try and convince myself as well as others that it is time but I don’t think I have too as those who know me, know that it is time so 2014 will be my last season of racing at Auto Clearing Motor Speedway. My Wife Barbara who has supported me from the beginning and we actually met while I was racing and I am forever grateful to the sport for blessing me with her presence. My two Sons Nathaniel and Travis have been a part of it with me as well who could ask for such a gift I ask myself almost daily.

Those who know me understand The importance of remembering our Fallen Soldiers and that we must always make sure we do not forget their sacrifice. But it goes deeper than that now, I guess because I am a father who’s sons are now older than most of the ages carved into the head stones of those young men buried in Canada’s military cemetery’s, I know we must support our troops who have served and have come home alive but also injured. PTSD is real you can see the loss in their eyes and the hurt they will have for the rest of their lives, they did this all for us, so I ask you to consider, how about all of us for them. Support our Vets and suck it up and say to them “Thank you” simple healing words go along way.   

Come down after the races and say Hi, I would love to see you and perhaps we might have a special trader Card to hand out.

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