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Racing NickName   50/50 Racing
Member Since   5/30/2010
# Years Racing   3

Driver Info:
Employer's Name   50/50 Racing
Driver's Family   Cindy, Corey, Katie, Kara
Driver's Greatest Racing Moments   Each night I got faster was a great moment
Reason to Race   For fun, to gain driving skills
Driver's Other Interests   golf, fishing, building cars, wrecking cars
2015 Team Goals   Top 10 Maybe Top 5
Display Locations in 2015   Canada Party in the park
Facebook Profile   50/50 Racing
Link   50/50 Racing

Team and Car:
Class/Division   Mini Stock
Car Number   50
Race Team Name   50/50 Racing
Car Name   Blue Terror
Car Year, Make, Model   1995 Dodge Neon
Engine   2.0L SOHC
Crew Chief   Corey Robb
Pit Crew   Ryan Rejc, Cindy Robb
Alternate Driver(s)   Todd Jalbert
Car/Truck Owner(s)   Josh Robb
Race Team Website   50/50 Racing

Main Sponsor   Bourassa & Associates, Frontline Truck & Trailer
Other Sponsors   MAACO, K & A Moblie, Regan Cooper, Gettin Inked & Beautified, AJ Salvage, so fresh clothing
Sponsor Link   Bourassa & Associates
Sponsor Link 2   Frontline Truck & Trailer


Driver Profile:

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Auto Clearing Motor Speedway

Auto Clearing Motor Speedway
PO Box 169
Saskatoon, SK  S7K 3K4
Ph: 306.651.FAST (3278)