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# Years Racing   Approx.15

Driver Info:
Driver's Family   Terry, Kyle, Ryan, Kelly
Driver's Greatest Racing Moments   to many to list here.
Reason to Race   Good People, HUGE amounts of fun
Driver's Other Interests   Judo, family.
2015 Team Goals   Get to know my new car/class

Team and Car:
Class/Division   Sportsman
Car Number   36
Race Team Name   Amazon Racing Inc.
Car Name   We have not figured one yet.
Car Year, Make, Model   2014 Ford Mustang
Engine   Blueprint Engines 347 FORD crate
Crew Chief   Robert Burkitt
Pit Crew   Terry Potts, Ryan Potts
Alternate Driver(s)   Kevin Dyck
Car/Truck Owner(s)   Darryl Potts

Main Sponsor   C + A Courier - Watrous
Other Sponsors   Judo Saskatchewan Satisfaction Hearing Systems
Sponsor Link   Judo Saskatchewan
Sponsor Link 2   Satisfaction Hearing Systems


Driver Profile:


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