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Member Since   1/1/2009
# Years Racing   10

Driver Info:
Employer's Name   HRI (Hannay Racing Inc)
Driver's Family   Rett, Jordan, Janelle, Ryan, Sheldon, Keaton, Henry, Molson, Fiona,
Reason to Race   Love the competition
2015 Team Goals   Top 5 car on a nightly basis.
Display Locations in 2015   Man Show, Childrens Wish Foundation, WSSL barbeque, Interstate Batteries

Team and Car:
Class/Division   Super Late Model
Car Number   44
Race Team Name   HRI (Hannay Racing Inc.)
Car Name   Moodys Equipment Bourgault Chevy Impala
Car Year, Make, Model   2012 Dodge Charger
Engine   Chev crate
Crew Chief   Ryan Purdy, James Deibert
Pit Crew   Samm Marlowe, Jordan Dalsgaard, James Deibert
Alternate Driver(s)   Jordan Dalsgaard
Car/Truck Owner(s)   Trevor Hannay, Ryan Purdy

Main Sponsor   Moodys
Other Sponsors, Awesome Graphics, Maaco, Studio West, Minish Mechanical,


Driver Profile:

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Auto Clearing Motor Speedway
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