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Driver Profiles


Driver Info:
Employer's Name   Aircraft Technician
Driver's Family   Ben, Paul and Andrew McLean.
Driver's Greatest Racing Moments   Ask me this on in September!
Reason to Race   I am looking forward to learning, competing and the challenge!
Driver's Other Interests   Pretty much anything mechanical, 2 wheels or 4.
2015 Team Goals   Learn, Learn, Learn!

Team and Car:
Class/Division   Pro Truck
Car Number   55
Race Team Name   S5 Racing
Car Year, Make, Model   2006 Toyota Tundra
Engine   350 Crate



Driver Profile:

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Auto Clearing Motor Speedway

Auto Clearing Motor Speedway
PO Box 169
Saskatoon, SK  S7K 3K4
Ph: 306.651.FAST (3278)