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# Years Racing   1

Driver Info:
Driver's Family   Dave and John Gibson.
Driver's Greatest Racing Moments   Finishing my first feature race and the season with the Sportsman car still intact.
Reason to Race   I enjoy the technical challenge of it as there is always lots more to learn about the cars. The people are great and because I can!
Driver's Other Interests   Pretty much anything automotive related. Camping. Fishing.
2015 Team Goals   To finish every race, learn more about the car and to have lots of FUN!!!
Display Locations in 2015   None planned as of yet but ya never know where we might show up!

Team and Car:
Class/Division   Pro Truck
Car Number   11
Car Name   The truck that took forever to finish.
Car Year, Make, Model   2007 Dodge Ram
Engine   360 Dodge (Home Built)
Pit Crew   Dave Gibson, John Gibson and Roy Schmidt.
Car/Truck Owner(s)   Bob Gibson

Main Sponsor   Saskatoon Radiator Sales and Northend Warehouse.
Other Sponsors   Currently looking in making a partnership for our race team! If you are interested be sure to come down and talk with the team after the races!


Driver Profile:

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