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# Years Racing   1

Driver Info:
Driver's Greatest Racing Moments   2005 & 2009 National Autoslalom Championships, 2011 Ministock Championship
Reason to Race   The challenge of making the car work, gaining experience in an effort to become a better racer.
Driver's Other Interests   Autocross, combat robotics, R/C airplanes, post race beers.
2015 Team Goals   To race clean, finish every race, and to improve on ourselves and the machine throughout the season.

Team and Car:
Class/Division   Mini Stock
Car Number   13
Race Team Name   Double Trouble
Car Name   The Schwarz
Car Year, Make, Model   BMW 318is
Engine   1.8 DOHC
Crew Chief   Dennis Beck/Tristan Ransom
Pit Crew   Dennis Beck/Tristan Ransom
Alternate Driver(s)   Tristan Ransom
Car/Truck Owner(s)   Tristan Ransom

Other Sponsors   Streetwise Service, Saskatoon Sports Car Club, Awesome Graphics


Driver Profile:


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