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Racing NickName   Shaniac The Maniac
Member Since   2013
# Years Racing   24

Driver Info:
Driver's Family   Tracie James, Karsyn James
Driver's Greatest Racing Moments   1995 Nipawin Street Stock Champion, 2001 Silvertown Street Stock Champion
Reason to Race   Competition of Racing
Driver's Other Interests   Fishing, Camping
2015 Team Goals   Rookie of the Year
Display Locations in 2015   Melfort Car Show, Melfort Parade

Team and Car:
Class/Division   Sportsman
Car Number   77
Car Year, Make, Model   2008 Impalla
Engine   350 Chevy
Crew Chief   Murry Koenig
Pit Crew   Tracie James, Murry Koenig, Karsyn James, Roy Mann
Car/Truck Owner(s)   Shane James

Main Sponsor   Shane's Welding Naicam
Other Sponsors   Crop Pro Naicam


Driver Profile:

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Auto Clearing Motor Speedway
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