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# Years Racing   14

Driver Info:
Driver's Family   Don Pogoda, Ben Pogoda, Tamara Pogoda, Sara Pogoda, Robyn Miller, Thomas Miller, Ellis & Beckett Miller.
Driver's Greatest Racing Moments   Track Record in the Thunderstock Divion!
Reason to Race   It's a family sickness that we are hoping to never find a cure for.
Driver's Other Interests   Gardening, landscaping and our grandchildren
2015 Team Goals   Checkered Flag Moments
Display Locations in 2015   The Man Show, Canada Day in the Park and more!

Team and Car:
Class/Division   Pro Truck
Car Number   94
Race Team Name   Pogoda Family Racing
Car Name   Speedtech 94
Car Year, Make, Model   2006 Toyota Tundra
Engine   602 Crate
Crew Chief   Adam Yelland
Pit Crew   Tamara Pgooda, Donna Pogoda, Mark Thomson, Kyle Burant
Alternate Driver(s)   Don Pogoda
Car/Truck Owner(s)   Mickey and Don Pogoda

Main Sponsor   Speedtech Racing Development
Other Sponsors   Saskatoon Paving Stone, Tint Centre, Tammy Wandurza TMG Mortgage Group, Mourning Glory Funeral Services, Bluewater Apparel & Graphics, Warrens Dream Car Garage, Awesome Graphics, Parr Autobody, Thomas Miller Realty- Coldwell Banker & Globe Printers.
Sponsor Link   Speedtech Racing Development
Sponsor Link 2   Saskatoon Paving Stone


Driver Profile:






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