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Pro Truck

The Pro Truck Division, sponsored by Tiger Automotive, was a new division to Auto Clearing Motor Speedway in 2006. These trucks do not start life as a factory pick up truck, but are built as racing vehicles with some limitations on them to help reduce operating costs.

A Pro Truck chassis and suspension components are utilized from a GM metric chassis. The body of a Pro Truck is an aftermarket fibreglass racing reproduction of new style Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge or Toyota full size pickup trucks. The wheel base is a 108 inch car chassis with modifications allowed for adjustability and performance such as weight jacks.

Engines are limited to a low compression cast iron 350 CID but are allowed aftermarket two barrel carburetors and tubular headers.

The American Racer AR970 864 compound tire will be introduced to the Pro Truck division for the 2014 season. This tire is an 8 inch grooved racing slick that will be mounted on an 8 inch wide racing wheel.

Pro Truck Special Events for 2015 Include:


Drivers Registered for the 2015 Season:

#01 Alex Leschenko

#3 Brad Toth

#5 Ian McLean

#8 Andrew Clewes

#10 Kevin Dyck

#14 Wounded Warriors Canada ProTruck

#15 Andrew Hardy

#18 Bill Zubrecki

#19 Aaron Anderson

#21 Kade Thompson

#49 Shantel Firth

#51 Luc Haukaas

#52 Robin Boomsma

#53 Damen Meier & Tony Mikulcik

#83 Ken Bone

#88 Brad Wrennick

#94 Ben Pogoda

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