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Volunteers August 22

Work Schedule - Friday August 22, 2014

Fan Side Responsibilities Name Car/Truck # Time
Front Gate Matthew Shirley Sports 12  5:30p.m.
Front Gate Leo Morrison Legends 84  5:30p.m. 
50/50 Ticket Booth Kirk Senger Sportsman 5 5:30p.m. 
50/50 Tickets Grandstands Tom Smith Mini 88 5:30p.m. 
50/50 Tickets Grandstands Kaylee Smith Mini 88 5:30p.m. 
Parking Lot     5:30p.m. 
Parking Lot     5:30p.m. 

Track Side Responsibilities Name Car/Truck # Time
50/50 Pits AJ Morrison Legends 84  5:30p.m. 
Track entrance gate Doug Giordano ----   
Track Truck Driver Aaron Waddington ----  
Track Truck Scott Barrand MS 1   
Track Truck Scott Hisey    
Track Truck Cale Siemens Legends 82   
Track Truck      
Tow Truck Driver (ACMS) Doug Giordano ----   
Tow Truck (External)      
Bobcat Operator      

Officials Name Time
Race Director    
Tower Results    
Tower Line Ups    
Lead Flag Person (Flag stand)    
Flag Person (Flag stand)    
Corner 2 Official    
Corner 3/4 Official    
Infield Lead Official    
Line Ups    
Line Ups    
Back Gate Martha Loewen  
Back Gate    
Pace Car    

Responsibilities will be posted in the main ticket booth, the officials tower, the back gate and the infield tech shack.

Auto Clearing Motor Speedway

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