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Volunteer Schedule

All drivers registered for the 2014 season are required to volunteer to help Auto Clearing Motor Speedway events run smoothly.  

Each driver/team will be responsible for sending representatives to scheduled volunteer shifts approximately four or five times throughout the season.  Duties may include but are not limited to:

The 2014 driver volunteer schedule is posted below by race date.  FRONT GATE workers please arrive 15 mins prior to the front gate opening.  TRACKSIDE - please arrive 15 minutes prior to back gate closing.  Please review race day schedules for times on your day to work.

Team representatives must sign in at the beginning of each shift.  For each scheduled volunteer shift that a driver/team does not have representation present, $100 will be deducted from the driver's 2013 season prize winnings. 


Volunteer Schedules



Reminder: It is the responsibility of the driver/owner to fulfill the assigned position with either their self or one of their crew members. If due to reasonable circumstances, no one from the crew can fulfill their duties, the driver/owner can trade dates with another driver/owner but please notify me so the schedule can be updated. Also, only one member per volunteer date unless previously arranged or specified through the back gate. Any more than one crew member will be required to pay back gate fees. Your help is greatly needed and appreciated in making the track operate efficiently.

Keith Wall, Director of Volunteers and Member Relations


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